Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Squishie Mingle

I joined a "Squishie Mingle" on the CQ 4 Newbies group. We were to put together a baggie of goodies for CQ and send it to someone. My partner was Cathy and this is a picture of the goodies she sent me. Some fabric and ciggies, beads, buttons, threads and silk ribbon.
I'm working on the blocks for the new project and have a couple of my girls and one grand-daughter who have volunteered to help me. this will be a fun project. I'll post a picture later of the progress on one block.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A beautiful tree

We had this beautiful tree in our backyard. It is a ficus tree and provided a lot of shade on a hot sunny day. We had used this tree as part of the decor at my daughters wedding in 1980. So it was about 27 years old. By the way they are still married and have 4 beautiful boys. But it was beginning to lift up the cement on the patio so we had to have it taken out. Sad, it took 27 years to grow and 1 1/2 hours to cut it down. The third picture is of what my husband called his money tree. It was a schefflera. He got it when he opened his home office and always said as long it was healthy we would be making money. Well, it worked for about 25 years and now we are on Soc. Sec. and the poor tree is gone.
I do think I like the view outside alot better. I can see my roses and a few other things in the back yard.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Project

Here is the start of a new project. One I'm hoping to get a couple of my girls involved in. This one will take some time, hopefully not the six years I've been working on the CQ wallhanging.
My grandkids are probably going " She hasn't finished the last project yet." I only have 2 squares left on the Rico tablecloth. If I sat down and applied myself, I could finish that one in about a week.
I've stopped on this one for a minute because I'm waiting for more Dupioni silk. Susan N. had a Dupioni buy, which is one of the reason I got going on this. I want to do several blocks using only the Dupioni and just embroidery, no laces, beads, or do=dads.
I've gotten a mental block on how to piece the blocks together. I think I just need to get a little more confidence in myself and just get on with it. Anyway, happy April Fools day. I hope you aren't having too many tricks played on you. Just a note about April Fools: One year when the kids and I were by ourselves ( there was me and 5 kids for about 5 years) They had great fun filling the sugar bowl with salt. Boy, try that one in your coffee on a slow and groggy morning.