Thursday, March 22, 2007

Antique Crazy Quilt

Susan had asked to see a picture of this Crazy Quilt. I don't know who did it. I am guessing from the fabrics and the deterioration that is was done somewhere in the late 1800's. AS you can see from the second picture how the fabrics are just shredding. In the first picture, if you look on the lefthand edge towards the bottom ,you can see a patch that is almost completely gone.
The story: I saw this quilt when my MIL's adopted mother past. That was somewhere in the 60's.
Oh boy! Did it get my heart going. they took it to Montana with them and I never saw it until my MIL past. As things got cleared out I asked my FIL if I could have it. I didn't hear anything for some time and then this battered cardboard box arrived at my door. The quilt was inside, wrapped in NEWSPAPER. I almost died. But anyway it is now in my procession and I need to do something to keep it from getting worse. If anyone can give me some direction for this, I would be grateful.

Wool Felt Needle and Scissors Cases

I went to the crafters show the other day (Where I met Ing, Hi Ing) and picked up the pattern to do these needle and scissor cases from Attic Heirloom. I love doing these. They are quick and easy. You really don't have to think, just sit and stitch. I have to decide how to close the needle cases. The instructions say to use a snap, but I really don't like snaps.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Button Fairy

I think the button fairy stopped by my house. I had pickedup this block to do the heart wreath and just thought that that flower needed a button in the middle. I went to my button drawer and there was this button, which I don't remember seeing. After auditioning several other buttons this one just kept coming back. It fit perfectly in the center and just seemed to snuggle into the center hole. I thin it might be better in gold, but I sure wish I had more of these.

Isaw this wreath on Lori K's sight and fell in love with it. I'm really not a heart person, but really liked this one. I used 3 shades of perle #8 to do the Lazy Daisy (detached chain). I think I will probably use this one again. Thank you Lori for the inspiration.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

3 more UBs

Here are three more blocks. The first is done by Norma Harris from Salem, VA, the second by Susan Nixon, from everywhere (for those who don't know Susan, they travel around in their fifth wheel) and the third is done by Wilma van Wagensveld from The Netherlands.
I must apologize to these ladies as I said I would get these posted yesterday, but I got involved in trying to figure out our taxes. Karl used to do this every year, but this year he is unable to so it's another thing I'v e had to take over. I think I have them figured correctly, if not I hope some of you will come and bail me out of IRS jail.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

2 more UBs

Here are two more of the Unique Blocks. The first is done by Lauri Burgessen from Grand Jct., Co. and the second Is from her stitching buddy Janet Popish also from Grand Jct.
It's great to see how differently everyone interpreted their blocks.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

First Three UBs

On our CQ for Newbies group we have this challenge to take these blocks and beautify them.These are the first three I've gotten back.
The first one was done by Lori Kinney from Enfield, Ct., the second by Renea Aldrich from East Orting, WA and the third is mine. When we are done they will be put together and made into a quilt to be donated to a charity.
There are 12 all together. So it should make for a very interesting Quilt or wall hanging.