Friday, September 28, 2007

For those who still check by

It's been very stressful here. I had a bunch of stuff go wrong. I just felt like taking a minute to post how things are.
Karl is very weak now and is in the last stages of his life here with us. It is a difficult time for me as I have kept him home and had to deal with a very bad hospice situation. But, I'm being selfish in keeping him home as I don't think I could cope with having him in a convalescent home and the way they treat patients there.
I've learned a lot and feel i could give a bed bath right along with the best of them. When this is over, I hope I will have the strength and ability to pay forward all the help that has been given to me.
On one of the CQ groups they are asking to you make comfort dolls for the women who are in homes for the abused. I think this is a wonderful idea and Pat winter of Gatherings has even started a blog for this. If anyone is reading this I would encourage you, if you can, to make one for someone in my situation also. It would be wonderful to receive such a gift from someone you know is thinking and caring about you.
The dolls are no bigger than 6 inches are meant to carry around with you in your pocket and purse. Anyway I have asked Pam Kellog to make me one and can't to receive it as I know it will help me through this rough time.
Thank you for stopping by and hopefully I'll feel like doing some stitching soon as the Memory quilt is in need of a lot of work. Right now I'm working on a Swedish Weave blank for a new Great Grand child. It's a simple pattern just 3 up and 3 down in a zigzag pattern. Well, I better get going and get myself ready for the day. My love to all of you. June