Saturday, January 27, 2007

UB Progress

I've been working on my "unique Block" mostly these past few days. We had a discussion on CQ4N , these started out being called ugly blocks and we decided that these probably were

done by a lady who had intended to make a quilt and for some reason or other didn't finish it. Don't we all relate to that? Anyway, she probably has passed and her kids found these in a box somewhere and dumped them at a bargin shop.Judyth came up with the name unique and I kind of like that better.

I decided on this part rather then trying to cover it up I would enhance the design by stitching over it. I've used DMC#5 perle and used the detached chain,long and short stitches and some couching to hold the thread in place. I need to find some flower beads to add to this. There is a place near here called "The San Gabriel Bead Co." It's huge and I'm hoping they will some there.I'll have to wait until I can get Karl settled into his chair in the afternoon. I've got him watching Judging Amy and Law and Order. They are on the TV for about 4 hours every afternoon. For those of you who know Karl, he is an avid reader, but now is having trouble with his eyes and can't seem to do too much of it. So he's turned to TV and movies, but if I asked him what the story is about, he can't remember. I think his concentration is not so good anymore.

Anyway back to stitching, sorry got carried away there. If you notice on the right there is a box with a webring site. Susan (desertsky) has invited me to join this ring so if your interested take a peek at it. Well, I better get going. It is a beautiful day here today. I'm sorry for all those who are still snowed in and having such awful weather. Although if we don't see some rain soon, we will probably be in a drought. Have a good day.

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Susan said...

I like what you are doing with that busy background! I think these unique blocks are going to be great, when they are all back together. I hope mine comes in the mail this week. It ought to have had enough time to get there by Thursday! =)