Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wool Felt Needle and Scissors Cases

I went to the crafters show the other day (Where I met Ing, Hi Ing) and picked up the pattern to do these needle and scissor cases from Attic Heirloom. I love doing these. They are quick and easy. You really don't have to think, just sit and stitch. I have to decide how to close the needle cases. The instructions say to use a snap, but I really don't like snaps.


Charlene said...

Oh, these are sweet little kits, aren't they? The little needle case looks like it may hold a lipstick, too??

Hope said...

I just made something for a sample in felt- and if these are wool- you can cut a hole for a button to go thru and use a button to close. these are lovely!!
Hope Green
Miami Fl

June said...

Thank you for the comment, Hope.
but,I wouldn't want to put another button there to compete with the little ones. June

Susan said...

Those are adorable! What's the pattern? Maybe a small velcro circle? Or could some kind of ribbon tie work? Since it overlaps, I'm thinking the velcro is the way to go.