Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hurrah!! I finaly got the patio cleared off. (Check the post for Jan 13th and you will see my progress). The things under the tarp on the table will go Amvets tomorrow. I know the pitures and text will come out all over the blog, but I don't know how to fix that. I hope you will be able to follow along. The first two pictures show my fountain working and the patio all cleared off. I have alot to do here yet. This week I want to get some flowers and fix the patio up nice. Ingrid and Marlene will come on Thursday for a day of stitching, so I want it to look somewhat nice.
Next week someone will come to move the pool filter and pump and my son Randy will seal the leak in the garage and then I can arrange things in an orderly fashion in the garage.
Randy is on his way to Montreal, Canada for his work. He's going to freeze his tookis off. He talked to one of the ladies in Montreal and she asked if he had boots and gloves, he said"No, but I have shorts and sandals. " She just laughed.

The third picture is of a book I picked up at Tall Mouse yesterday. It has some wonderful motifs for CQ and very good instructions. It's put out by Leisure Arts and was written by Donna Kooler.
And it was only $10. Now that's a bargin. I also purchased Pam Kellogg's ( ) book on using Waste Canvas. She has some really
nice seam treatment patterns, so Ihave to stop browsing in the books and stitch something. Maybe I'll do a waste canvas treatment on my needlebook for the Piecemakers class or stitch a motif for the Memorial quilt. You'll have to check back in a few days. Now that will make me get busy and do something. Hope you have a wonderful day and that the weather isn't too bad where you are.


pineapple_ing said...

WOW! June, what did you do... eat a lot a chocolate!? He he he Something gave you the energy to do the back yard and now I bet you're bone tired! It looks great! That's one thorn out from your side!! LOL!
Hey, I have this book too! You're catching up with me in the book dept. Geez, I haven't looked at this on since I bought it. Look June, that's you and me sitting on the fence. I'm gonna stitch that one. Hey I'll see you on Tuesday! Again, good job on the B.Y.!
Hugs, ~ Ing

Susan said...

Oh, the patio looks great! I can just imagine it with flowers, but you will have to take pictures, anyway. I'm jealous you get Ingrid *and* Marlene! You ladies have a great time! I hope your son found someone to loan him warm clothes, and that he doesn't have to stay very long!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Well done! Getting a part of your home cleared up thoroughly is a real boost, isn't it? I did the pantry the other weekend and just had to keep going back to look at it!!! Managed to get bags and junk cleared up off the bedroom floor (the usual dumping ground) today, which felt good too.

Like the look of that book very much! I must keep my eyes open for that one.

Elisabeth Braun said...
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Elisabeth Braun said...
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