Saturday, September 16, 2006


I finally finished these two letters on the rainbow Gallery project. I started the letter G yesterday. It seems too go much faster than the others. I want to spend some time today finishing a motif on the red, white and black so I can post that.
The weather has finally cooled down around here. Of course my yard is just completely dead. Our water bill doubled this month. Never mind the electric because of the air conditioner. I don't know how the people on fixed income manage. I spent a lot of time today looking at everyone's work. Some of the ladies from down under have posted pictures of their pring flowers. Sonice to see when every thing here is brown. I hope i can remember to do the same when they are in the middle of their winter.
I also watched a movie called "The Road Home" It's a love story about a chinese boy and girl that endures 40 years. Very nice and the scenery was beautiful.
Better get sewing.

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