Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I finished my Rico tablecloth today. So now my grandkids can't say I never finish anything.
This came out so pretty and I did get it done in the spring like I wanted, so we can enjoy it for awhile.
Karl was surprised when I told him it was for us. Mostly my things go to the family. but they do enjoy them also, so I love doing things for them.
I should start another tablecloth, but I think I will let it go and float for awhile.
I did do some more on the block for my new project. I'll post that on another day.


Chelle said...

Your tablecloth is stunning! What a great finish.

Gerry said...

What a wonderful addition to your table. Very lovely!

Susan said...

I didn't know you did cross stitch. This looks great. Did you see the link in the sidebar on my blog - Periphaeria Designs? She has two that are free under sample designs.