Friday, May 04, 2007

Threading a needle

Mentioned this way of threading a needle on the CQ4 newbies group and was asked to do a tutorial. I have to apologize for the photos as I don't have anyone to help take them and It was a little difficult to hold the needle and take a picture. Anyway, here goes.
In the first photo it shows how to hold the the tread over your finger and a little snug against your finger.

The second picture is not too clear, sorry. I tried to hold the whole thing with double sided tape so I could take the picture. Anyway, put the eye of your needle over the tread and rub it up and down. The thread will slide through the eye very nicely. This will only work with a twisted thread, such as the Perle cotton.

This last picture shows the thread as it goes through the eye. Ihope this helps And I hope this published with the pictures in order.

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