Monday, May 21, 2007

Progress on whole quilt

First off, would you believe it is raining here in So. Cal. Must be that liquid sunshine. It's not much just enough to mess up the car.
Here is my progress on the quilt. I spent pretty much of yesterday stitching on it. It takes me so long because all the piecing is done by hand. From the picture it looks like the fabric isn't laying very flat, but it is.I think it's the irradiance of the fabric. This isn't a very good picture of my seam embellishment, but it is pretty in person. Maybe another picture can show it better. Maybe it's just the one taking the picture?? You think? Nah!
The dragonfly is a free pattern from Bird Brain designs. I really like it and will probably use it again later on in another color. Have to find something for the black patch on the right. Well, need to get busy and do something around here, make some phone calls.
For those of you who know my DH. He's not doing very well. Not eating anything. He's lost another 6 lbs. Have to get on that. He just sleeps most of the day now and has taken to laying on the couch instead of sitting in his chair. Well, that"s all for now. As Charlie Gibson says,(He's a newscaster here in the states)" Hope you have a good day."

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JK said...

Hi Hon, I am sorry to hear your hubby is not feeling well. I will keep him in prayer that he feels better soon!