Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Patch

As I was working on this patch, I've learned several things which I will tell you about in a minute. First I want to tell you about this patch. In my Mother's house there was always a vase with silk flower red poppies, wheat and blue cornflowers. One day she told me that they reminded her of the fields where she used to live in Germany. And when we were on a trip up the Rhine river I saw such a field. I could see why they had made such and inpression on her. So in memory of my Mother I stitched this patch and decided that I would call this a Memorial quilt rather than a whole quilt. Didn't know exactly what to call it before, but memorial seems to fit it rather nicely.

Some things I've learned while working this patch.

1. This has always confused me as to what you call this little piece of fabric. So now I have it straight. The whole piece is called a block and the small pieces in it are a patch.

2. I think that when working the satin stitch as a filler, silk floss lies better than cotton floss to fill in the area.

3. Perle cotton looks better when doing the leaf stitch than cotton floss.

One thing for sure I will be learning a lot of things while doing this. I'm going to make up some 8" blocks to work on and then attach them to the foundation muslin. I think that will be easier then trying to hold on to all this fabric while stitching. So here is a picture of my latest patch. I hope you like it.


Charlene said...

This is a beatiful piece of embroidery, June. I like the memorial idea, too. I certainly agree that blocks are easier to handle than a yard or more. Enjoying watching it grow...

Susan said...

That's a gorgeous stitching, and the memory with it is priceless. Are you going to keep a documentary booklet as you stitch, telling these stories? I love working with the blocks. Maybe it's my quilting background. I wonder what it would be like to make a whole quilt with a quilting frame to help hold the background while you stitch down pieces?

JK said...

Oh this is beautiful! I had to look real close, as I thought it was done by machine.