Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just a Note

I wanted to drop a note and thank all those who have stopped by and left a comment and those who just stopped to take a peek at what I'm doing. I'm not sure how it works when you want to answer to a comment. So I'll do it here. Someone asked if the Rico Tablecloth was cross stitch. Yes it is. That was fun to do and finally something I kept for myself.

About the Memorial quilt. I am keeping a journal of all the motifs noting the threads and colors and any comments,such as: where the motif came from and how I decided to use that particular one. I now need to do some smaller blocks to incorporate into the main piece of muslin. I think it will be easier to do the embellisments etc. on the smaller blocks.

The photo above is of the series I am reading now. Jennifer has written 10 novels so far. I have read the first three twice now and have treated myself to the rest, so I will have a nice summer reading program going on.
These stories are about a woman who inherited her family home "Elm Creek Manor" and was going to sell it, but then found a wonderful group of women who talked her into making it into a quilt camp. The stories are about the women who come the camp for a week each year and about the history of the family that lived at Elm Creek. It goes back into the civil war times and how quilts were used in the under ground railroad to aid the slaves who escaped from the plantations.

These stories of the quilts did not surface until recently so I don't know how true they are, but they make for interesting reading. She goes into the different sane quilt patterns and the meaning behind some of them. It's great to read how these woment come together a group and help each other. I would love to attend one of the stitchery retreats. Maybe one day. Something to look forward to. I did attend a Wooly retreat a couple of years ago. It was put on by "Bird Brain Designs." That was great fun.

Well, enough babeling. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Susan said...

I've read the first couple of her books - maybe three. The writing improved with each one, I thought. I haven't had a chance to read the others yet.