Thursday, June 14, 2007

More on the whole quilt

Ok Here goes, I hope these pictures will be in the right order. I've spent the last 4 days working on this. The ideas just seem to keep coming. I was in a slump there for awhile. Anyway, This first picture with the paisley is from Martha Stewart Living latest issue. I just loved the design and it was easy to stitch. It's amazing where you can find inspiration.
The second picture has a couple of new seam embellishments. The picture that is pinned on the black patch is something I'm playing with. I'll tell more about that when I get it finished.
And the last is a motif from "Motifs for Crazy Quilting by J. Marsha Michler.
So there are my accomplishments for this week.
I hope you like them


NormaH said...

June, your quilt is looking mighty fine. Quite a variety of seam treatments you're using.

Susan said...

Wow, that's beautiful work, June! I love each one of the pics, for different reasons!

gocrazywithme said...

Hi June,
The whole quilt is coming along fine! Beautiful fabrics! I also enjoyed the post about the restoration work you're doing; that's always near and dear to my heart! Best of luck with it!

Gerry said...

Wonderful color choice. I really like the grapes!

JK said...

Wow hon, these patches are really gorgeous. Please keep posting pictures of the progress.