Friday, May 25, 2007

More progress on the quilt. I'm really enjoying this. Need to get some housework done though.

The turquoise fan is from Carole Samples book. I'm going to add something streaming. Don't quite know what yet. Next I will be making some blocks for my girls to do. I will probably do more blocks as they are easier to work on. I haven't had too much trouble stitching on this because I'm still working around the edge, but I'm sure when I get to the middle it will be sort of bulky. I'm finding it fairly simple to add pieces around the block so it has more of the random look.

I've found two items that work really well for marking on dark fabrics. I got them at the stationary store. One is a silver Sakura GellyRoll pen and the other is a Dry Highlighter pencil by Staedtler. The design stays on longer than chalk and they both disappear with just a little rubbing.

It's strange how sometimes things work better when you sleep on them. The Kreepy Krawler in the pool stopped working and the filter needed changing. We had purchased a new filter last summer and I was unable to get the darn thing open. You see I'm stuck doing everything myself now. Anyway. I went to bed thinking about the filter, got up this morning and in no time had figured out how to get it open. So that's taken care of now for awhile. I think I deserve a present for that one. I'll have to think of something good!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Progress on whole quilt

First off, would you believe it is raining here in So. Cal. Must be that liquid sunshine. It's not much just enough to mess up the car.
Here is my progress on the quilt. I spent pretty much of yesterday stitching on it. It takes me so long because all the piecing is done by hand. From the picture it looks like the fabric isn't laying very flat, but it is.I think it's the irradiance of the fabric. This isn't a very good picture of my seam embellishment, but it is pretty in person. Maybe another picture can show it better. Maybe it's just the one taking the picture?? You think? Nah!
The dragonfly is a free pattern from Bird Brain designs. I really like it and will probably use it again later on in another color. Have to find something for the black patch on the right. Well, need to get busy and do something around here, make some phone calls.
For those of you who know my DH. He's not doing very well. Not eating anything. He's lost another 6 lbs. Have to get on that. He just sleeps most of the day now and has taken to laying on the couch instead of sitting in his chair. Well, that"s all for now. As Charlie Gibson says,(He's a newscaster here in the states)" Hope you have a good day."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Start of Memorial Quilt

Ok! I'm off on the Memorial quilt. this is just a start,
most of this is just pinned in place. I think I can soften the square lines., as I don't want that blocky look. I'm waiting on some more fabric from Thread Art. For some reason it's stuck in Houston while they check the origin of the package?? What ever that means, since Thread Art is located in Cypress, TX. Very Annoying. Don't they know their holding up progress here. I ordered some gold dupioni, I think I will use alot of that.
Anyway, I just wanted to get a start on this to see if I could do it. I have to get busy and do the blocks to send to my girls who are helping me with this. I've done some pieces with motifs on them that I will add in as I go. So we'll see what happens. I forgot to mention the the purple heart in the middle is a free design from "Bird Brain Designs" (NAYY) but Robin and Tina do some wonderful patterns in redwork and wool felt. Some of you may have seen them at the different sewing and craft shows as they travel the US with their wares. This month Robin has a wonderful dragonfly in her free design. Their site addy is I attended their first retreat last year and had a wonderful time. Hope to get back to do that again in the future. I'll post more as I go and perhaps post pictures of some of the motifs I've done.
I have to keep looking at this as one piece at a time, or I'll never get it finished. So I hope you will keep checking back to watch and comment on my progress.

Friday, May 04, 2007

New Block

Here is my progress on this block. I wanted to keep it simple, but it's really hard. I don;t think I want to use SRE, Just simple motifs and seam embellishments.

Threading a needle

Mentioned this way of threading a needle on the CQ4 newbies group and was asked to do a tutorial. I have to apologize for the photos as I don't have anyone to help take them and It was a little difficult to hold the needle and take a picture. Anyway, here goes.
In the first photo it shows how to hold the the tread over your finger and a little snug against your finger.

The second picture is not too clear, sorry. I tried to hold the whole thing with double sided tape so I could take the picture. Anyway, put the eye of your needle over the tread and rub it up and down. The thread will slide through the eye very nicely. This will only work with a twisted thread, such as the Perle cotton.

This last picture shows the thread as it goes through the eye. Ihope this helps And I hope this published with the pictures in order.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I finished my Rico tablecloth today. So now my grandkids can't say I never finish anything.
This came out so pretty and I did get it done in the spring like I wanted, so we can enjoy it for awhile.
Karl was surprised when I told him it was for us. Mostly my things go to the family. but they do enjoy them also, so I love doing things for them.
I should start another tablecloth, but I think I will let it go and float for awhile.
I did do some more on the block for my new project. I'll post that on another day.