Sunday, January 13, 2008

What did I get myself into???

Our garage was 3/4 office for Karl and 1/4 storage for me. So I decided to make the office back into a garage. So here I am. This looks worse in person than it does in the picture. In the first picture you can see in the background some gray file cabinets. There are 5 of them. Each has 7 drawers that are about 11" x 28" deep. Karl used them to store his philatelic stamps and supplies. I have coveted this drawers for awhile and now they are mine. So now, after they get done remodeling the garage (it's 2 car by the way) all I need to do is put all this stuff back. Anyone want to come and help? I might not be doing very much stitching as this will keep me busy for awhile. And on the day that Ingrid and I spend together, we will be going to the "Road to California" quilt show in Ontario.
In this mess I found a tray that I have been looking for for some time. It's one of those wooden ones that has a place to put some stitching. So I've ordered a CS pattern to go in there. I also found a picture of my girls from 1970 something. They were in their Camp Fire Girl outfits and stitching on a quilt. I think this was taken for some newspaper. Guess that's all for now. I do want to post some more pictures of the "Garden D'Lights", but that will have to wait for another time.


Susan said...

Wow, you were right. That is a big bunch of stuff! Did his stamps go to one of his children, then? Will part of it still hold your things, or will that all go indoors now?

Charlene said...

...or will it remain half storage, and half garage? What a major task, but won't the results be wonderful! Look forward to seeing the results.