Monday, August 07, 2006

The Chevron Stitch

Today I had started out to do the chevron and embellish it the way Sharon had on Day 25. Well, after getting in the chevron and part of the detached chain and straight stitch. I couldn't find any buttons to top them off. So I played around and came up with this.
The chevron is done in #5 perle, the detached chain and straight stitch are #8 perle and they are topped of with Antique Champagne beads. If I can stay away from my CGing, I have another project I'm working on. Need to get caught up on that. Will probably post a picture of that tomorrow.

After looking at this in the photo, I realize I should have centered the chevron over the seam. Oh well, this just shows I'm not perfect. And I just learned something else.


Lin Moon said...

This is so beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

I have always hated this stitch, thought it was ugly. You've given it new beauty, and I might have to rethink that ugly thing.