Monday, August 14, 2006

Long and Short Stitch

I did this block about 5 years ago and I look at it now and think How did I do that? The pattern is from a JP Coates book on embroidery stitches. This block has a variety of stitches on it. The long and short,fern, buttonhole,satin,feather,french knot and a couple of others.
I've kind of reached a stitching block on the CQ. I would like to work on something smaller. Maybe I'll pull out my fabrics and put some blocks together.
I spent the weekend viewing the newletters on Maureen Greeson's site. Whow!!
What wonderful ideas and eye candy. Didn't get much stitching done.


Anonymous said...

I have the same booklet and your motif is very lovely! I've thought I would stitch it some day myself, but there's sew much else to choose from! It would be a great learning piece for me! :-)

Susan said...

Oh, I want that booklet! =) Every block of yours I look at, I say, "Oh, I have to try that!" The little violet vine is wonderful!