Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sources for motifs

Liliian has asked for my sources for the motifs. I guess I should have posted them. sorry. The fan in the middle I think is from Maureen Greeson. The buttonhole flowers on the left and the detached chain or lazy daisy on the right are from "A vintage Bouquet" by Indygo Junction. The butterfly and small flower on the bottom right are from " Ladies of leisure" Suzanne McNeill Design Originals. And I can't remember where I got the blue motif on the center top. The seam embellishment on the bottom left is from Sharon's 100 Details. Day 58.Whew! I remembered. In the center bottom , the tatting and butterflies are from a piece of tatting in my stash. And the braid at the top I made from a piece of 1/8" ribbon. Guess that's all. I had more fun trying to find the motifs and like I said before, I didn't realize I had so much vintage material until I started doing this. I just love all the vintage things that Pam has on her Kitty and Me site. And my books along with a box of neatly catagorized silk ribbon just slipped off the bed onto the floor. Nutz!! Guess what I'm going to be doing this evening.

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