Thursday, August 24, 2006

Homemade Braid




Start with the bottom picture. I couldn't get the pictures posted in order.

I've had some inquiries about the beige braid I used on the wall hanging. So, I'll try to do some pictures and a tutorial. Hope it isn't too confusing.

You need a piece of ribbon 8x the length that you need. Fold the ribbon in half making a loop going right over left. Take the ribbon that is now on the right and make a loop. Slip this loop thru the first loop and draw the ribbon on the left down snug. Not too tight. Now make a loop with the ribbon on the left and slip thru the last loop. Keep going back and forth until the braid reaches the length you want. If you have any trouble feel free to e-mail me.

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Anonymous said...

That is neat. Is that organza ribbon? I have some I would love to try it with. :-)