Friday, August 18, 2006

Fan Square 2

Here is the progress on my small square. It's a lot easier to work on. The braid at the top is one that I made with an 1/8" ribbon. On the left is a version of Sharon's Day 58.
The heat is suppose to return here in a few days. Not looking forward to that as last time we lost electricity for 4 days. And things where pretty bad. It was 92 degrees in the house at 3:00am. We finally had to move to a motel. We have a cocker Spanial who is 11 years old. We were really worried about her. We took her with us to the Motel with us.
I thought it was quite funny when the newspaper printed that the we wouldn't be charged for the electricity while we didn't have any. Let me see how do they charge for something we aren't using? But knowing our utilities they would probably find a way.
I'm waiting for some SR in the mail, hopefully it will come today so I can go back to working on the wall hanging.

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Susan said...

I love this block! I think the fan is great, and I had never thought of using the skinny ribbons to make a braid. Do you have a braid holder thing for the other end, or pin it down, or what? I'd like to try that. The chain seam is also another thing I want to try, and I like what you put in your "wheels."